Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Welcome to the documentation of my current toy project


after thinking about launching a website to document some of my projects and being very much afraid of fighting code and scripts, I go the easy way and invest my time in toymaking instead!

After being fascinated by designer toys since I came accross the first Monsterism series (www.monsterism.net) by Pete Fowler years ago, I spend lots of time enjoying products and documentations of this art form.

As I am drawing cartoons and characters since my childhood, I was stunned when realizing, how much is going on in toy design discussion boards, such as http://forums.kidrobot.com/ and http://forums.rotofugi.com/index.php . Being inspired by artists and introduced to the how-to´s and materials, I started to model my first toy this summer.

This blog is meant to document the path of trials and errors and from a bucket of materials to a toy!

Enjoy and please get back to me with feedback at any time!

das mo