Thursday, 30 September 2010

The last one of it´s kind - a custom Jouwe


just finished my custom Jouwe for a show that will be kicked off in Cologne this Saturday.

For those being around, don´t miss seeing a set of stunning customs at Arty Farty gallery:


das mo

Monday, 20 September 2010

custom jouwe show @ arty farty cologne, germany


getting my custom jouwe done for the jouwe show in cologne, which opens october 2nd.
prepare for a killer vernissage with plenty of the 23 artists around...

if you are around cologne area beginning october or düsseldorf in november make sure to visit this show as it brings you a great variety and top nodge customizers from round the globe...

see you in cologne on october 2nd!

das mo

Friday, 28 May 2010

So much going on...


for those not following my updates on Facebook:

After the show in Istanbul, I was invited to show some toys at the Stroke02 Urban Art Fair here in Munich. It opened today and kept me quite busy lately...

Please find some stuff attached that can be seen at the Stroke Toy Room (3.10) till sunday this week!

space whale - custom TWRG by Pete Fowler

bramble dog - custom bramble toy by ashley wood

mystic worm - acrylics on canvas - 50x60cm

custom monster mate - bloody red

I also worked on a vinyl record that is currently in a show down under in Australia...

moctopus record - acrylics on vinyl record

timo aka "das mo"

Friday, 9 April 2010



little update to those, who do not follow "das mo artworks" on facebook:

i did a solo show at milk gallery in istanbul 2 weeks back.
for those being around: my toys will be displayed in the milk store for some more weeks, so make sure to drop by!

finally it looks like there is some progress no the s.p.u.d. 6 inch toy. i hope to get the prototype done in the next 2 weeks and can take it to molding and casting from there. despite the initial plans of having it produced in china, i am now back to manual work and will cast the toy myself using high quality polyurethan.

it will be 3 parts now - head, body and neck, allowing head rotation....

stay tuned!

das mo

Monday, 1 February 2010

collecting orders for the 6 inch s.p.u.d.


i am currently collecting orders for the 6 inch s.p.u.d.
please let me know, if you are interested.


das mo

Saturday, 23 January 2010



i am about to kick off the promotion for my new toy.
Finalizing the last bits and pieces....

I plan to produce 6 inch resin toys as well as 1 inch zipper pulls.

das mo