Sunday, 30 March 2008

custom fyoog...


I am so sorry! I know that I told you to keep an eye on the Fyoog, but on my last expedition to Mo Island I thought it would be a great idea to take the Fyoog along for some heavy labor.
He was great support until we have been attacked by some creatures that I did not come across so far. He protected me well and disappeared right afterwards. Guess it was about some broken circuits.
I found him few weeks later using the locating unit you have installed lately! He seems to be fine, but needs some fixing and a new paint job soon!

I will manage that and keep you up to date! I hope all the other prototypes run fine too!

Sorry again!

das mo

!!! Fyoogs can be ordered from here !!!

Original cast from G4G:

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

mate zipper pulls...


it took me some month of trial and error, but today is the day I finally casted some mini mates I am happy with:

Cheers for checking out my stuff!

das mo

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Just did another one with spraypaint and markers as I enjoyed paiting that tree in the background. Some more work needed on the refinement of them...

das mo - trees - spraypaint and markers on canvas - 20x20cm - 8x8inch

das mo

Art Bastard


some fellows from Hannover Germany have launched a new platform this weekend:

The online shop, which will launch soon, is meant to enable everybody selling his/her art online. There are also plans to rent a gallery in the future for being able to run art exhibitions.

Register today and get your art out there!!!

das mo

Resting Monster Mate Canvas ... (sold)


got up this morning and felt like painting a canvas.. it´s been some time I did that...

The ones owning one of my monster toys already know about the habits of Monster Mates for all the others:

... As Monster Mates usually hunt at night time, they rest during the day.
In order to avoid attacks while resting, they developed a simple
one-of-a-kind way to hide. Using their strong front legs, they
dig a shallow dell in the ground, to fit their head and limbs, leaving only
their massive backs visible...

das mo - resting monster mate - acrylics on canvas - 24x18cm - 9.5x7inch

I also worked on a new mold for Mates and casted a new run on friday, so that DIY Mates are available again! :)

Cheers for looking!

das mo

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

DIY Mate on ...


the DIY Mate got reviewed in episode 28 of No idea, why the spraycan head was leaching??? Probably some release agent from the mold...

Check it out (for those in hurry - time stamp is around 25:30):

das mo

Sunday, 2 March 2008

"Multiple Personalities" group show @ LiFT Detroit ...


i just boxed my customs for a toy show in detroit organized by D-Lux. have this little sneak preview on my stuff for the show...

the lost guard

be careful with that cannon - please!!!

king of ...

hope you like it!!!

das mo