Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Issues, issues, issues,...


the funny part of my project is over and I am currently trying to find ways to cut down production costs. The resin is quite expensive, but as I do not want to go for a lower quality one, its hard find a solution on this. Apart form that some traders only sell to companies and shipping costs are almost unacceptable high for heavy chemicals.
As recognized by other toy makers before, getting the packaging done on your own is tough. I am fan of fancy packaging, so I am trying to put some additional time and money into that. I hope people will appreciate that! ;)
When those things are handled, I can finalize my pricing calculations and inform the toy world about mo´s mates going on sale!

Until then I hope that you will work on the templates. Can´t wait to see what you have in mind when looking at the DIY!!!

Best Regards

das mo