Saturday, 2 August 2008

The tale of the half swallowed Teddy Trooper...


let me tell you about this one:

Once upon a time there was a little creature Swa
living on Mo Island that was outstanding hungry
and always swallowing everything coming along.

One day there was a Teddy Trooper passing by
enjoying the beauty of the island.

Swa was close and hungry seeing the Trooper close.

As his brain functionality estimating the size of booty
was overruled by his greed, Swa attacked the Trooper

The Trooper was too big - off course he was!

Swa got stuck on top of the Trooper.
There was no way back nor forward!

Swa started to dribble and as the Trooper was not able to
get him of either.

Since they have not been seen, but maybe they became one of
the most amazing symbiosis of our time....

das mo