Sunday, 13 July 2008

Heavy Monster Mate Support Bot ...


sorry for not being in touch with you for that long. But I was quite busy!

After being attacked by some Monster Mates on Mo Island beginning of this year, I started working on a Monster Mate Support Bot in order to be able to get closer to their hideouts.
It was a quite touch project, but I was able to commit the command over the Monster Mate robot to the Golden Cyclops Mate that I was working on around Xmas last year.
The size of the cyclops and its high developed AI unit allowed me to place it in the Monster Mate Support Bot cockpit and therefore to concentrate on the pure mechanical skills of the Bot.

First tests in my laboratory proved me right: the symbiosis of the cyclops´ intelligence and the bot´s strength is amazing! It definitely takes me to the next level of excursions on Mo Island!

I forgot to takes some pictures on the Bot on Mo Island and left it behind. This is why I would like to provide you some pictures of the model I did before working on the large sized one:

For those, who can not remember, how Monster Mates look like (shame on you) - this is poison green one I hit last year

And this is it - the heavy Monster Mate Support Bot:

The gun of the model acts as switch for the 3 LEDs...

Cockpit insights...

Hope you like it! In case you like it a lot, please feel free to volunteer for having it at home! ;D

das mo