Sunday, 16 March 2008

Resting Monster Mate Canvas ... (sold)


got up this morning and felt like painting a canvas.. it´s been some time I did that...

The ones owning one of my monster toys already know about the habits of Monster Mates for all the others:

... As Monster Mates usually hunt at night time, they rest during the day.
In order to avoid attacks while resting, they developed a simple
one-of-a-kind way to hide. Using their strong front legs, they
dig a shallow dell in the ground, to fit their head and limbs, leaving only
their massive backs visible...

das mo - resting monster mate - acrylics on canvas - 24x18cm - 9.5x7inch

I also worked on a new mold for Mates and casted a new run on friday, so that DIY Mates are available again! :)

Cheers for looking!

das mo