Monday, 1 October 2007

mo´s mates are on sale...


finally: due to your support and feedback during the last weeks, I am finally able to start selling the first 10 diy bundles of mo´s mates! Casting goes on every night....

As stated before I am in contact with some stores in the UK and US for hopefully being able to cut down costs for you. This actually depends on how much money these stores want to make. I really hope it pays of for you! Actually there is also some issues to be solved with the complex german tax laws....

Apart from that I send out my mates from today on myself!!!

Although I was forced to invest much more money than planned into this project (do not tell my girl - it was plenty of cash), I would like to keep the announced price of

26 Euro (37 USD, 18 GBP) including paypal fees.

Please feel free to pay more to work on my break even! ;P

As international bank transfer seems to be quite expensive (especially from the US), I would like to go for paypal. You can also go a different way, if cheaper for you, as long as the money arrives.

Now we get to the worst part - shipping costs and toll fees:

In general shipping costs are the same for 1 to 6 diy bundles and do not increase significantly for 6+, so tell your friends, grandmas,.... about my mates and always remember: These guys do not like to travel alone! ;D

Within Europe it is not a big deal. National shipping is 4 Euro. International 9 Euros and there are no toll fees. For the US it is around 13 Euros plus some toll fees. I actually was not able to find out, how those guys calculate it. For some bigger orders from Rotofugi I payed around 10% of the value of goods. Might be similar in the US!? Please get back to me on other countries. So:

1. Please place your orders via Email - mail[at]
2. I will get back to you on specific costs and my paypal account
3. When money arrives, I send out your mate
4. You place some wicked design on the diy mate
5. If are fine with it: You send me pics and confirm that I can print and publish them.
6. I will be very happy!!!!!

I think this is it....

Thanks for supporting me on my little project!!!

das mo